Patent for an environmentally friendly soil preparation

Ongoing research and development also entails the need to protect new results - knowledge, skills, technology. This is also the case in the long-term research of colleagues Rostislav Zemek, Jiří Nermuť and Jana Konopická from the BC Institute of Entomology, whose goal is to find a comprehensive method of pest control for organic and biodynamic agriculture farming that prevents the emergence of resistance and leaves no residues.

A number of utility models already registered and, in particular, the original Czech patent of R. Zemek and his colleagues from 2008, the idea of which is being further developed, are now followed by another industrial property right in the form of the newly granted Slovak patent No. 288968 entitled "Insecticidal and acaricidal additive to carrier substrate for plant cultivation". The combination of a Czech utility model and a Slovak patent now provides the possibility of wider application of R&D results in practice and is the result of long-term efforts not only in the field of scientific research, but also in the field of cooperation with partners from the application sphere.

We would like to thank our colleagues very much for their efforts, dozens of meetings with us and representatives of companies and public administrations, and once again CONGRATULATIONS on the newly granted patent.