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The mission of each workplace of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is to carry out high-quality scientific research and to contribute to increasing the level of knowledge and education, as well as to strive for utilizing the results of this scientific research. However utilizing does not only mean only a commercial form, but also the use of acquired knowledge and skills by state and local government bodies, or scientific use in subsequent research.

As part of its primary activity, which is independent research, the Czech Academy of Sciences and its established workplaces, such as the Biology Centre, focus on various ways of expanding the possibilities of applying the results and outputs of research and development in practice. In addition to traditional forms in the shape of publications or education, what is gaining in importance is the targeted transfer of knowledge and skills to the application sphere, for which the general term technology transfer is used. However, the technology transfer itself is only a subset of the entire process of acquiring, collecting and sharing knowledge and it includes all partial steps from identification, evaluation, through the management and use of intangible assets, i.e. intellectual property of the institution, to dealing with the skills and competencies of the given workplace. The whole complex process with the correct designation of knowledge and technology transfer is therefore an auxiliary tool, the aim of which is to find a practical application of the result and it is necessary to point out that it does not aim to replace or completely exclude the above mentioned traditional ways.

The process of transferring knowledge and skills into practice therefore includes a wide range of activities as well as solving economic, legal, strategic and other professional issues, including many partial challenges and overcoming a number of barriers. Given the range of possible activities, the basis for a successful and efficient knowledge and technology transfer is regular and open communication between all stakeholders. And precisely in order to facilitate communication, these sites were established.


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